Brandie Quarles Chidyagwai

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Interests

I am a plant evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in how plants respond to stressful and variable environments. I integrate field, greenhouse, population genomics, and demographic modeling methods to assess how key traits influence population demography and the opportunity for adaptation of other traits. As a postdoc at Davis, I'm working with the Maloof, Gremer, and Magney labs to identify the factors (such as variation in genotypes, physiology, and the environment) that contribute to population persistence/extinction. Results from field experiments addressing that question will then be used to parameterize an integrated demographic model to project future population dynamics, especially in the face of climate change. I'm also excited to work with Denneal Jamison-McClung on science outreach and education related to the project. 

Personal Interests

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Degree Field Institution Year(s) Advisor
Ph.D. Biology Duke University 2023 Kathleen Donohue